National Sesame Seed Association of Nigeria

Promoting the development of the sesame seed industry in Nigeria as a major foreign exchange earner, capable of
generating large-scale jobs and income.


National Sesame Seed Association of Nigeria in Collaboration with Kano State Government. THEME: DEVELOPING THE SESAME SEED VALUE CHAIN FOR SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC...

Sesame Seeds Contributes N49.1bn To Nigeria’s Exports

Sesame seeds has been ranked as the most traded agricultural products in Nigeria during the first quarter of 2020. This is according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics under the foreign trade statistics section. The produce contributed N49.1bn to Nigeria’s...

Meetings With Nirsal And NSSAN On The Anchor Borrower’s Scheme For Sesame Seed 2018

Some officials of NSSAN held a meeting with NIRSAL[Nigeria Incentive Base Risking Sharing System For Agricultural Lending]concerning the anchor borrowers scheme for sesame seed . Further discussions was on which states would be cultivating the 2019 sesame seed and the journey so far concerning the requirements, arrangements and procedures on the projects. Questions like when would the […]

National Summit On Conflict Resolution Between Fulani Herdsmen And Farmers 2018

The summit was themed on working towards an enduring peace and the major aim of this summit is to find a solution to end the conflict between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers. As one of the interest of sesame seed association is to look out for its members and their interest, the association was in […]

Source of Support

NSSAN assist farmers to source for agricultural loans at a reasonable rate and give the support as follows:

Formation of farmers into cooperative groups.
Loan documentation and disbursement.(based on operational needs )
Farm inspection and quality management.(monitoring & evaluation)
Buy back arrangement with the cooperative farmers group. (future market).



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